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Georgeson embraces UK and US Carbon Trust agreement

Last year, The Carbon Trust and the State of Florida signed an agreement to share expertise on low carbon innovation and investment, and to jointly develop strategies to attract low carbon industry to the UK and Florida economies. With workplace design & consultancy operations in the UK and Florida (and the wider US), Georgeson embraces this agreement and is delighted to be supporting and contributing to its objectives. Our expert teams of workspace designers and business consultants are increasingly asked to build-in energy assessment audits to client projects, helping them to measure, reduce and offset carbon emissions. Georgeson continues to pay close attention to the Carbon Trust and its ongoing developments and initiatives, to ensure optimum results for both clients and the wider community.

According to the Carbon Trust, under the terms of the memorandum of understanding, ‘the two parties will pool knowledge on developing innovative business models and financing mechanisms that encourage investment in renewable energy sources and energy efficiency’.

Michael Rea, chief operating officer of the Carbon Trust, said “Florida has become a leader in the Southeast United States in increasing our use of alternative and renewable energy technologies and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, Florida companies are investing in alternative and renewable energy, and our universities are making progress in research and development. We look forward to sharing what we have learned with our partners in the United Kingdom and working together to identify our next steps forward in protecting our environment and our economy’.

Dr Kim Howells, MP, Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, said: “This partnership between the Carbon Trust and the State of Florida underlines the vital role the private sector has in the move to a global low carbon economy. Last year the Carbon Trust not only saved UK businesses more than £140million by implementing cost saving measures, but also supported some of the UK's best innovators of low carbon technologies through partnerships, funding, expert advice and large scale demonstrations. I hope that this work can continue across the Atlantic, unlocking the potential in Florida and helping us tackle what is a truly global issue.”

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